Have you noticed leaks in your Cromwell CT house’s attic or ceiling but aren’t sure how they got there? Do you believe that your roof’s colored tiles also have seen better days? Perhaps you are just about to put your house on the market and want to make sure that your roof is in complete working order? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it sounds like you could benefit from the exemplary and all-encompassing support provided by First Choice Roofing , the Cromwell CT roofing specialists. Combining our wealth of expertise with the latest and most advanced roofing methods, there is no job too big or job too small for our skilled group of roofing experts. If you would like to be certain that your home is as protected as it ought to be then you need to call us today and permit our certified roofing experts to get to work on assisting you.


For far too long homeowners have wrongly felt that the one method of remedying a damaged roof was by replacing it. Luckily, in the past few years, this trend has started to change; more and more homeowners are starting to see the advantages of repairing their roofs instead of replacing them. The benefits of this course of actions are multifaceted and extensive. Five of the biggest advantages include:


Let’s be honest about it, you would not have your Cromwell CT garden landscaped by a landscaper with bad reviews, nor do you invest in a carpentry service with a carpenter that has a bad reputation. Bearing that in mind, it stands to reason you should not waste your time with an inferior roofing team. Having catered to the roofing needs of homes of all sizes and shapes since first starting our business, it’s fair to state that we know a thing or two about providing a top-quality roofing service that you could rely on! Do not take chances with inferior roofing teams when the number one experts are here and available for you!. Call our office now to schedule a consultation with one of our roof specialists about what we can do for you. Trust us you won’t regret it!

If you own and operate a commercial construction, you can’t allow just anyone provide your Cromwell CT roofing with essential services. Unlicensed contractors may wind up doing harm to your commercial roof. In the end, if they have not bothered to get the required certifications, how can you be certain they are aware of what they’re doing?

Whenever your commercial roofing Cromwell CT requires assistance, don’t settle for anything less than the Cromwell CT commercial roofing contractors at First Choice Roofing . First Choice Roofing has steadily risen the ranks in the industry thanks to our dependable, consistent and customer-first commercial roofing services Cromwell CT. All of our employees are fully insured and licensed to operate on all sorts of roofs. And if this doesn’t inspire confidence on what we can do for you personally, perhaps our immaculate safety record will?

In terms of Cromwell CT residential roofers, even though they might have credentials, you will find tricks of this trade only roofers that focus on commercial properties understand to apply. Industrial roofing typically deals with horizontal panes rather than steeply sloped roofs. Commercial roofing also uses materials that need to be trimmed and maintained differently since they typically cover a far larger area than the typical residential roof.

Whatever you require for your commercial roofing, our courteous, effective and quality commercial roofing solutions are always available. Simply give us a call when you need help and help will be on the way shortly.

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The fact of the matter is that restoration is a far more affordable way of returning your roof to its pristine condition. A complete replacement can be expensive when it comes to labor and materials. Typically, a complete replacement will cost approximately $20 per square foot while a restoration can typically be done for less than $9 per square foot.


On average, your home’s roof will probably last about 20 to 25 years. A beautifully finished repair service will add some longevity to you roof, allowing you some additional time to decide if a replacement is right for you.


Each year, tens of thousands of pounds of roof waste ends up in landfills. By letting you keep your Current roof, restoration is a far more environmentally friendly option than replacement.


Roof repair is classified as a maintenance cost whilst replacement is regarded as a capital expense. Utilizing this loophole in the tax system makes it economically more advantageous to restore rather than replace.


By having your roof restored frequently, you can prevent deterioration from getting out of hand.

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