All commercial buildings are built with the aim that their roofs provide security. In the design phase, materials are chosen to compliment the layout so that when the roof is eventually installed, it is of the maximum quality and will provide companies with a first-line of protection from many kinds of natural hazards. Over time, no matter how nicely it was installed, it will degrade overtime. Every day that your roof is subjected to weather and other elements that contribute to decay, it increases the risk of damage to roof as well as the contents below it.

The best way to minimize the deteriorating effect of time and the components and the damage it can do to your own roof as well as the contents below will be to give it regular upkeep. As a result of First Choice Roofing , making sure your roof does not require considerable repairs or premature replacement has never been easier.

Our preventative care programs have helped extend the longevity of commercial roofs all around the area. Identifying and addressing trouble spots before they become serious issues is our team’s specialty. If you can not remember the last time your commercial roofing received care, then contact First Choice Roofing now to schedule an inspection.


The very first step of any roof maintenance would be to perform an inspection. To make sure we are providing your roofing with the greatest possible care, we will need to be knowledgeable about the requirements. No two roofs are indistinguishable and the more comfortable we are with your individual roof needs, the better we can take care of it later on.

Some of the things our commercial roof experts will search for during initial and future inspections include:
  • Damaged Flat Roof Flashing – The metal strips that run along the edges of the roof are called flashing and they’re utilized to secure roof materials and prevent water or other debris away from compromising the system. In case your flashing is bent, rusted, improperly sealed or damaged in some way, there’s a great opportunity water can seep in. That is why we’ll fix any issues we see.
  • Cracked or Blistered Surface – If the surface of your roof has some signs of cracking, bubbling or blistering, it is normally a sign of moisture creeping in and it can result in leaking. It’s not a good idea to dismiss these signs since they will worsen and lead to more significant problems. As component of our inspection, we can investigate the reason and fix it so there aren’t any issues in the future.
  • Foul Smells – If your commercial roofing is emitting a foul smell, it is likely because water has breached the surface of the roof. Whatever seems like a minor problem can quickly become more serious, which is why you must get in touch with First Choice Roofing at the first sign of a problem.

Commercial Roofing Maintenance Company Near Me in Southington CT

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